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We have a full range of manufactures inside Road & Marine. New, Used, Parts, Service, and much more.


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Road & Marine Digital Magazine
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Customer Testimonials
“No matter what you have to sell: a boat, car, truck, trailer or quad these are the guys to do it. Lewis at Road & Marine magazine get’s it done! The exposure in the magazine & online is great! I have used Road & Marine for a while now and would highly recommend them to anyone. If you want it sold fast call Lewis at Road and Marine!”
-Brandon @ US Marine Sales

“For nearly 20 years Sundance RV Center has used Lewis Hughes for our advertising. I have never worked with anyone with so much drive and energy to get our products out too the public. We log calls everyday from his NW Road & Marine Magazine that produce many sales each month. We will continue to use NW Road & Marine for many years too come. Thanks for the Great Service!!”
-Chad @ Sundance RV Center

“I feel since we started Advertising in the Road & Marine Magazine our boat and motor sales has increased 50 to 60%. We are selling 3 to 4 Motors a week and an extra 2 to 3 boats a month. Thank you Lewis Hughes and your team for such an awesome job.”
-Monty Riley @ May Mobile Marine, Inc

"Boulder Equipment has been working with Lewis at Road and Marine since 2010. We’ve been advertising with him even before Road and Marine was started. We continue to work with Lewis because he works so hard for his customers! He is quick to respond to emails or calls if we reach out to him. His customer service is amazing! Thank you!"
-Krista Prunell @ Boulder Equipment

"I would like to take this time to express my appeciation and gratitude to Lewis Hughes and the entire staff at NW Road and Marine, Lewis commitment to excellence in advertising has increased my business by 10% a Year for the two years, we've known each other. Lewis is a great guy, I feel a kinship with Lewis."
-Don @ Don's Detailing

"Well, we have decided against the Puyallup RV Show, But the board did approve 3 More Months in Road and Marine. Yah! 3 Sales from the Magazine so far, and Calls are Coming in. Thanks for what you do!!"
-Tammy@ Pleasant Forest Camping Club
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